How much do your portraits cost?

I offer two pricing options, depending on medium (pencil/charcoal  or oils). Select your medium and size, then add $50 for each additional pet in the picture.








What sorts of photos should I send?

Oil Paint







You will need one main photo that you want me to work from. This photo will be what the final art is based on, I will not create a new composite image from a variety of photos. The additional images are useful for getting a better look at color, texture, patterns, etc. Better reference photos mean better final portraits, so do your best to get a clear image of your pet. Some tips:

-Shoot from your pet's eye level, NOT above. 

-Use natural lighting and avoid flash.

-Get close and focus on their eyes.

-If you need to, have someone stand behind you and use a toy, treat, or whistle to get their attention.

-Be patient and try for something natural.

How long will my portrait take?

Wait times may vary depending on my schedule, but in general allow 2 weeks for drawing or painting and additional time for shipping.

May I request changes to my portrait?

Before a piece is finished, you may request to see a Work-In-Progress image. That is your chance to mention any minor changes you would like to see. I will do my very best to make sure every customer is happy with their purchase, but I can not accommodate large or lengthy changes to a piece, especially after it is done. All sales are final.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Currently I only accept PayPal via the web.

Do you offer framing?

I do not offer framing. I work in standard sizes so that it should be easy to find a pre-made frame at a store like Michael's, HomeGoods, etc. 

How much is shipping?

I currently only ship to the domestic US. For drawings and smaller paintings I ship via USPS. Larger paintings are shipped UPS Ground. All paintings are insured. Shipping costs are calculated based on your zip code and included in the final quote.

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